Ginger Snapz Back

because sometimes your life needs some honest advice from an eight year old


About Ginger Snapz Back

Ginger is an eight year old girl, who has a passion for sharing her advice.

Life is full of tough decisions. We have to decide what to eat, what to wear, how to act in difficult situations, and how to manage life. Ginger is that help button you never knew you needed.

Don't worry, if there are no questions she can still communicate through her blog located on this page. Ginger has the answers even if you don't have any questions.

A note from her parents: Ginger requested a website of her own. After careful deliberation, we agreed. We monitor this site closely and believe it is a great way for her to understand the importance of technology, while equipping her with the right tools to empower her to create a healthy, respectful, and safe digital footprint.


Random thoughts and insights

I have not done a blog in a while but I think that it has been very cold. It is almost summer and it is 50 degrees in some counties, it is not very pleasant. I should be swimming now! But I'm not. I don't know about you but I'm ready for summer! I am not ready for it to be winter again.
New topic: Animals, I have 4 dogs that is a lot and it is the law. So no more dogo's for us. We are terrible at naming animals. Now I am going to tell you how our dogs got their names. The youngest is 5 months old, her name is puppy we did not think we were gonna keep her so we did not name her we just called her puppy. Baby we could not agree on a name so we were thinking of names meanwhile we just called her baby and it stuck. Rosebud because my mom named her. Beaulla I was not alive to know. Now I'm gonna tell you the breeds. Puppy is a Chihuahua Yorkie mix. Baby is a Min Pin Chihuahua mix. Rosebud is a Victorian English bulldog. Beaulla is a Dachshund.
Gingersnapzback :)

Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a day to share your favorite things that happened over the year. You would be surprised that a lot of people don't celebrate Thanksgiving with their family. Everyone celebrates differently. Some people get together and share their memories, and others are couch potatoes and eat chips in their pajamas and watch television. At the end of the day, everyone is different and there is nothing wrong with that. No one is perfect and no one can judge you.
Gingersnapzback :)

Fall is when the dead awakens
Beware of what you say about, I won't say his name, but he is scary, I will call him ?, ok. I will try to be careful of what i say, listen to what i say, and you will be fine.
1.Never spin a fidget spinner at 3 am
2.Dont make slime at 3-4 am (ps if you are a girl you might get it in your hair.)
3.Dont eat chocolate UNTIL 5:30 AM!
If you follow these directions you will be fine.

All about poetry
Hello and welcome to my blog...I love it when you ask me questions. Ever wonder why the bunnys bloom and the flower's grow? And popcorn pop's in your face? Ever wonder why head bands stretch? And why you loose your teeth? Or why you play with words? Well that is called poetry so listen up. Take an image and write it down. Next... write some crazy words that pop into your head when you see this image. For example... brown lammas look like poop smell zoo wild weird stubborn. When you take those words and say shake'n it like it's brake'n it, every body shake'n it, than what you do is you play with those words, and for example write "Brown lammas look like poop":)
enjoy your poem, ginger snapzback.

Summer is awesome especially if it is HOT!I love it when you ask me questions about life. It is one of my favorite things to do. I'm so excited to tell you about summer! Summer is my favorite season. The first reason is because I love the weather. The second reason is because of the pool. The third reason is because of the play days

A rainy day
Do you like it when it rains? Well... if you have dead grass or a dead garden you definitely need it to be watered or rained on. I'll answer your questions.
Thank you for your support
Ginger Snapz Back :)

April showers bring May flowers. Hello and Welcome back to my blog. I love it when you ask me questions about life.Do you like it when it rains? Well if you like flowers you need rain! It is the life cycle of nature.
Thank you
Ginger Snapz Back

Hi, my name is Ginger Snapz Back. This is what my website is about! So... you click "ask a question". Then you type your first name ONLY. So what you do after that, is you go to ask a question at the bottom of where you put your first name,and ask your question!
Thank you for visiting this page,
Ginger Snapz Back


Shopkin Queen from Illinois asks: "Do you think it will be yummy if i put a gummy in to a glass of milk?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "It depends on your opinion. I can not tell you because Gummys ROT MY TEETH!!!!!!!! So you can try it, but I can't tell you."

Kurt from Chi-Town, IL asks: "Are you looking forward to summer? Do you have any big summer events?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "Yes Kurt I am looking forward to summer... I am going to sleep away camp for the first time this summer. I'm a little nervous. I'm 99% excited and 1% nervous but I'll have a close friend with me and I think that will help."

Sabrina from Illinois asks: "If you were a box of crayons what color would you be?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "Turquoise because it is my favorite color."

Kurtis from Illinois asks: "What is the best TV show that is on right now and why is it so good?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "I would recommend Law and Order because there are so many episodes you can watch all day or Naked and Afraid because you will be addicted."

CJ from Illinois asks: "Hey Ginger! My question for you is, what is your favorite holiday and why?" :)

Ginger Snapz Back: "4th of July, because i like the candy and the parade. Last year i walked in the parade."

Under the Sea from Atlantis asks: "What do you think about Mermaids?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "They are fun imaginary creatures if they are imaginary. If they are real they are beautiful creatures."

Babs Bunny from Texas asks: "I have so many priorities--work, school, church, and family--how do I make time for all of them and not go crazy?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "I recommend taking a deep breath inbetween each one. The reason I recommed that is because it helps me calm down."

Jason from Madison asks: "What is the purpose of life?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "To enjoy it."

Herb the Vape Guy from Illinois asks: "What Is the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "Herb, how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?"

Princesa Shopkins from Illinois asks: "What type of toy should I be into at my age? I am about to turn 8 yrs old. I really LOVE Shopkins but what else do you recommend?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "I would recommend playing outside or finding a hobby like dance, art, or sports."

Char from Illinois asks: "My little kitty picks on my old kitty. How do you think I should help them to be friends?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "I don't have cats but for my dogs I hold them by the collar, seperate them, and let them go nose to butt to meet each other."

Lily from Illinois asks: "I want too know what how too act at a parade?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "Just sit with the crowd and do what their doing (But don't climb poles, and hang from light wires) because at the Cubs parade I went to, there was this girl that climbed a light pole and she fell backwards and no one caught her."

Great Aunt from Illinois asks: "How did you get so smart and so cute?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "I study... and I was born cute ;)"

Jennifer mommy's friend from Texas asks: "Why do we say flowers smell pretty? What's pretty smell like?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "Well Jennifer it's based on your opinion and I don't think all flowers smell good but you might like some that I don't. So pretty is what you think, and not what everyone else thinks."

Instant Jello from Iowa asks: "I heard someone say, "There may be people who have more talent than you, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do." What are your favorite words to live by?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "Be weird"

Liv from Chicago area asks: "How can I keep calm when my family drives me crazy sometime?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "When my family drives me crazy, I go in my room and meditate"

Cathy from Illinois asks: "I have three best friends. How do I pick my favorite from 1-3? They all want to be 1. I want to be nice to all."

Ginger Snapz Back: "Well in my opinion I don't think you need to pick one because I think you can have more than one best friend and treat them equally."

Julie from Illinois asks: "My kids won't go to bed. How do I get them to stop arguing with me and close their eyes? They are 6 and 8. Thanks for your help!"

Ginger Snapz Back: "Sing them a lullaby or if they are at the ages they can read they should read a book or they could journal."

Bologna is my first name from Idaho asks: "Do you like pickles? If not, no big dill. :)"

Ginger Snapz Back: "No I do not like pickles, but no big dill if you do."

Oma from Illinois asks: "What is your favorite breed of dog and why?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "Probably a weiner dog because they are smart, they are not stupid like my other dog Baby, and in my house the weiner dog, Beulla, is the only one that knows how to play fetch."

Finnoula from Oregon asks: "Ginger Snapz Back, How can I convince my parents I need a dog?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "Tell your parents that you will play with it and take care of it, and do whatever you are told for a week. Make sure you want one because they are a nightmare, especially the puppies."

Gypsy Rose from Illinois asks: "I have an indoor/outdoor cat. How can I provide shelter for him outside?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "Get a tupperware tub, fill it with newspaper and wrap it in an old sleeping bag for warmth. You can cut a door on the side."

Lola from USA asks: "How too clean your room in a faster way?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "Hide it in your closet."

Princess Cookie from Illinois asks: "What dessert should I have...donut or cookie?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "donut."

Clean from Illinois asks: "What do you do with miscellaneous markers and crayons?"

Ginger Snapz Back: "What I do is I get a bucket and put them in there."

Annie from IL asks: "How do you handle a pool made for 3 when there's 4 of us? Help me Ginger Snapz Back!!!! "

Ginger Snapz Back: "Get them all out first, then decide who stays and who goes."